Business Cargo Vans For Sale on the Dealership Lot. Closeup Photo.

Rates & Prices

Same day delivery rates £1.75 per mile
Next day delivery rates £1.70 per mile

e.g. Van from Norwich – London  118 miles x £1.70 = £200.60

Waiting time Incurred at collection or delivery point is charged at £25 per hour (or proportion of) after the first 30 minutes.
Multidrop deliveries When multiple delivery addresses are given in one booking, usually within a defined geographical area, then we can supply a driver and van to make the various (usually 5-10) deliveries, and this is charged at an hourly rate from £1.70 per loaded mile plus 10 for drop from second delivery (first one is for free).
Extraordinary costs Such as parking charges incurred whilst waiting, congestion charge, ferries, or fees incurred, will be charged in addition.
Cancelation fee If you wish to cancel your shipment, a cancellation fee of a minimum £60 is applied.
Handball service charges All deliveries come with optional handball service and this is charged at an hourly rate of £30 per hour.
Misc. services Vehicles with tail lifts, and “Goods in transit” insurance is free of charge.